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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Security Guards or Wanna-be's?

As security professionals, we have been called many different names. Whether the preferred titles of security officer, security guard, or public safety officer is offered, to the attempt to belittle our personnel by calling them "wanna-be's", "flashlight cops", or "rent-a-cops", to the opposite end of the spectrum of vulgarity, rarely a day will go by that those in our organization are not given a "title". We can only laugh, however, when referred to as wanna-be's or rent-a-cops. To be referred as such, is actually more equivalent of referring to a paramedic as a "wanna-be doctor", or even more ridiculous as a "rent-a-doctor". Both of those individuals utilize many of the same tools to perform their jobs, and both do everything possible to act as professionals and to be respected by the community. However, if an individual told you that he or she was a paramedic, you would not automatically begin thinking down upon that person for not being a doctor, or making the absurd assumption that they were merely a paramedic because they couldn't "make it" as a doctor. Couldn't it be possible, rather, that the individual actually enjoyed their work in the emergency medical field, and did everything possible to be well-trained, have all the necessary equipment, and work towards having a positive impact on those they serve? Who in the world would roll their eyes seeing a paramedic with a stethoscope and then proclaim "yep... he's a wanna be."

Similarly, as security professionals, we desire to be prepared to handle the numerous types of incidents which we handle on a daily basis, strive to have a professional image, and seek out to better ourselves through training and continual education. Are many of the tools which we utilize the same as those used by members of law enforcement? Of course. They are professional. They have duties to perform. They must protect themselves and those around who they are hired to protect.

We are hired by our clients to serve and protect as well. They have a certain expectation that the services we perform are completed in a professional and efficient manner, and because we take pride in what we do, at Denver Metro Protective Services, we will provide each one of our personnel with every single tool possible to handle that expectation, and ensure our own safety in addition to those we serve. As such, our uniform standards will be meticulous, our vehicles will demand a presence, and our demeanor will be courteous, friendly and professional at all times. And, if that makes some people feel that makes us "look like wanna be cops", then we will gladly accept the title.

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