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Friday, November 25, 2016

Is Security a Thankless Job?

On the afternoon before Thanksgiving, I had a client call me up and very nonchalantly tell me that she had "decided that they would like security to be onsite at their location the next day."  For a little background, we typically service this particular client only during the overnight shift.  Additionally, we had contacted every client at least a week prior asking each one if they were going to have any special holiday hours so that we could ensure proper staffing.  Now, because we strive to serve each of our clients to the best of our abilities, I cheerfully replied to this client that we would absolutely take care of it, and wished her and her family a Happy Thanksgiving.  But, upon hanging up, my heart began to sink a little more and even a little anger set in, because this client didn't even seem to give second thought to the fact that I was now going to have to ruin somebody's Thanksgiving in order to ensure the coverage by taking away the prized holiday off.  After a bit of deliberation, I decided that rather than do that, I would simply cover the shift myself, rather than taking an employee's time away from his or her family on Thanksgiving who had previously cherished in the fact that they had not been scheduled for it.  While I felt better about the situation now, I still felt a little upset.  Not necessarily because now I would instead be working (after all, in our industry, it is a rarity to not be working a holiday), but because of the fact that all too often, we in the security industry are so overlooked and rarely thanked for our services.  Of course, I'm not looking for a pat on the back, or a big hug for going above and beyond... but as mentioned previously, we had literally contacted each client more than a week prior, and to receive such a last minute expectation, knowing that we always take care of our clients, brings very little feeling of satisfaction, but rather, more of a feeling of thanklessness.  Will this deter us in the future?  No, of course not.  We will always strive to faithfully and gladly serve each client in the absolute best manner possible.  But next time you leave your place of business over the holidays to enjoy time at home with friends and family, or head off to that company Christmas party, or sit around the dinner table with the delicious feast in front of you, please remember to take a moment and offer a "thank you" to that security officer at your place of work, or who is patrolling your residential community, or who is standing at the entrance of the big box store that you are rushing to in order to obtain that "special deal".  Please let them know that they are appreciated... that their time away from their own friends, family or feasts do not go unnoticed... and that maybe somebody does realize that we serve no matter what.  After all, to Serve and Protect does not only apply to police officers.  And, on that note, we at Denver Metro Protective Services wish to offer our sincere thanks to each of our personnel who did serve and protect - on Thanksgiving, and on every day of the year.  We would not be as great as we are without each and every one of you, and we are so happy to have you all a part of our family.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Security Guards or Wanna-be's?

As security professionals, we have been called many different names. Whether the preferred titles of security officer, security guard, or public safety officer is offered, to the attempt to belittle our personnel by calling them "wanna-be's", "flashlight cops", or "rent-a-cops", to the opposite end of the spectrum of vulgarity, rarely a day will go by that those in our organization are not given a "title". We can only laugh, however, when referred to as wanna-be's or rent-a-cops. To be referred as such, is actually more equivalent of referring to a paramedic as a "wanna-be doctor", or even more ridiculous as a "rent-a-doctor". Both of those individuals utilize many of the same tools to perform their jobs, and both do everything possible to act as professionals and to be respected by the community. However, if an individual told you that he or she was a paramedic, you would not automatically begin thinking down upon that person for not being a doctor, or making the absurd assumption that they were merely a paramedic because they couldn't "make it" as a doctor. Couldn't it be possible, rather, that the individual actually enjoyed their work in the emergency medical field, and did everything possible to be well-trained, have all the necessary equipment, and work towards having a positive impact on those they serve? Who in the world would roll their eyes seeing a paramedic with a stethoscope and then proclaim "yep... he's a wanna be."

Similarly, as security professionals, we desire to be prepared to handle the numerous types of incidents which we handle on a daily basis, strive to have a professional image, and seek out to better ourselves through training and continual education. Are many of the tools which we utilize the same as those used by members of law enforcement? Of course. They are professional. They have duties to perform. They must protect themselves and those around who they are hired to protect.

We are hired by our clients to serve and protect as well. They have a certain expectation that the services we perform are completed in a professional and efficient manner, and because we take pride in what we do, at Denver Metro Protective Services, we will provide each one of our personnel with every single tool possible to handle that expectation, and ensure our own safety in addition to those we serve. As such, our uniform standards will be meticulous, our vehicles will demand a presence, and our demeanor will be courteous, friendly and professional at all times. And, if that makes some people feel that makes us "look like wanna be cops", then we will gladly accept the title.