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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Armed Security in Schools?

There has been a lot of talk and debate recently about what many people believe is the need to have armed security/police officers in every school.  Numerous tragic events that have occurred around the country have caused many to feel that there simply isn't enough protection in our schools today, and that by staffing every one with some form of public safety, that the schools would be safe from such horrid situations.

Although we certainly would love the extra business, should all the schools in our areas suddenly call us and request Protection Specialists at each of their locations, I simply do not believe that would be the best situation in every circumstance.  For high schools or alternative schools, I definitely believe that there exists the need for such protection, and not simply in order to protect our children from madmen armed with AR-15's, but because there are so many other reasons that public safety in schools with older-aged children (teenagers) can benefit.  Fights, theft, vandalism, harassment, bullying, drugs and weapons are just a few reasons that armed security personnel can help to maintain safety and order in places of learning.  However, I can see few instances where children in middle school, and certainly not in elementary school, have the need of armed personnel and/or police officers patrolling their grounds.

The terrible situations that have happened around the country... whether here in Colorado at Columbine, or in Sandy Hook, are isolated, yet tragic events, and the loss of those young lives should never be forgotten or lessened.  However, the individuals who planned those attacks were individuals looking to make a name for themselves.  Whether in a school, in a movie theater, at a public political event (where, by the way, there are generally several armed officers!) or in so many other possible locations, if a person is mentally sick enough to cause such a desperate plea for attention by taking the lives of others around for no other reason than to make some form of statement, they will do it.  As unfortunate as that is, there is simply no possible way to always protect everyone at all times.  Even if there was an armed officer patrolling the grounds of Sandy Hook elementary that day, anyone with the intent to harm people may have simply waited until recess, or when school gets out, or so many other possible occasions.  An armed individual simply cannot be in every place at every time to protect everyone.

Now this brings up so much for discussion on the right to carry firearms, who should or should not have concealed weapons (teachers? airline pilots?  postal workers? ???), however, this post is not meant to discuss the right that we have as citizens of this great country to bare arms, according to our constitutional rights.  I am simply explaining our belief that children at the youngest ages of elementary and middle school grades should be kept as innocent as we are able to... even in the face of those who wish to take that innocence away.  After all, the more and more we try to shield our children from such situation, the more and more that those who are seeking to do that harm win in their endeavors to spread fear.

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