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Thursday, December 6, 2012


Thank you for coming and visiting our blog!  Or, if perhaps you were just randomly checking around the internet, and were trying to find the newest version of Angry Birds, and somehow ended up here, well... we're sorry to disappoint you.  But, however it was that you stumbled across our little page, we thank your for staying with us thus far, and hope that over the course of our posts, you will become a follower and a contributor to our pages!

First, let me explain to you a little about ourselves.  We are Denver Metro Protective Services, a provider of proactive and dedicated security professionals who serve around the Rocky Mountain area, and strive to change how so many feel about the security industry as a whole, serve our clientele in the most innovative and capable way as possible, and provide information to those who may seek out a progressive and technologically-advanced security services provider for themselves.

Yes, it is true that there are a LOT of security providers out there, especially in our market in the Denver, Colorado area.  We see them pop up more and more, and it seems that all too often, it is the result of somebody thinking that "hey, I can do security... I should be able to run my own company!"  Sadly, all too often, it is because of such companies that this industry seems to gain a poor reputation.  Untrained personnel, low wages, sub-standard employee expectations... the list seems to go on and on.  I often laugh when I see postings for jobs in places such as craigslist.org or other areas where companies advertise job openings and some of the information listed there states things like "Apply today, start today!" or "you must have your own uniform."  How can a company possibly hire somebody and start that person on the same day!?!?!  Is there no preparation for the job, or training on procedures?  Of course, certainly there are many instances when a client calls and needs something as simple as a building that has a faulty alarm system, or a broken lock to be watched overnight, and the general "duties" are pretty simple... make sure that nobody breaks into the building while it is closed, and don't fall asleep!  Well, at least that is what it seems to the general person, right?  In reality, however, there are so many possible things could happen during that "simple" shift that could turn out disastrously if an untrained "warm body in a uniform" is posted at that location!  And yet we hear about it happening time and time again in our industry.  And, as far as those job posts which demand that a potential employee must "have your own uniform," I just do not understand how a company can profess itself to be "professional" when there is no basic uniformity within it's own ranks.  Could you imagine if a police department told it's own officers that they would need to "bring their own uniforms?"  There would be infinite different styles, colors and looks of officers out there!  Even companies such as McDonalds provides it's staff with uniforms.

Alas, there are so many issues that we have seen over the years in our industry, and it is our goal... no, actually it is our DUTY to help to correct some of these issues, and to help to create an industry that is more than a place that people can go to get a "job" while looking for something better, but to help people to have "careers" where the employees have pride.  Pride not only for working for a company that respects them and helps to look after them, though, but also for belonging to a service sector within our economy that means something and helps to make a difference.  It is often heard to "thank a policeman, a firefighter, a member of the military, a doctor, a teacher" or so many other noble professions out there, for those people who serve in those capacities do so because they want to make a difference.  They do it because they believe in what they are doing.  This industry as well should be able to have that pride.  Those men and women who serve as security professionals do jobs that are vital to the operations of businesses, governments, and the general public as a whole, and many thousands have paid the ultimate price for their service as well.  We owe it to each of them to improve this industry and help put pride and professionalism at the front of the line of each company out there.

We again wish to thank you for taking the time to read over our posts.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reply.  We look forward to having meaningful and hopefully insightful discussions, and will continue to strive to improve the manners in which our own company can best serve our clients, employees and the general public.

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